Frequently Asked Questions

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What is injection plastic molding?

Injection plastic molding is a common plastics manufacturing process for quickly mass-producing parts. We pour molten material into a mold and leave it to cool. When the material has hardened, you’re left with a large set of identical plastic parts.

What are the benefits of injection molding?

Injection plastic molding is cost effective due to the rapid molding process and high output rates. Further costs are saved on labor because most of the process is computer automated.

Injection molded plastics are also highly customizable. It can use wide variety of materials and colors, and the high-pressure molding process makes intricate shapes and small details possible. These pieces are easily to replicate with consistency and need little post-production finishing.

Are there disadvantages to injection molding?

Up-front costs and wait times can be high when a new mold needs to be designed and tested. Some flaws that might need to be fixed include molds that result in sharp edges or inconsistent thickness.

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